That’s a Wrap! Round-up of our 2016 Summer Highlights

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What another glorious summer we’ve just had here on Korcula Island. A little sadly it always seems to end too quickly, but what memories we have to cherish!

First up, here’s John with a review of our Wine Tasting Tours

From mid May to mid October we were busy running our tours on Korcula, with an array of fantastic people who have joined us from all over the world. We sincerely hope each and everyone experienced the best of the island by being part of one of our tours.  I feel privileged to be able to share our favourite places with our guests as well as the delicious wines that we all get to enjoy.

Since we first set up out walking and wine tasting tour in 2013 we have since added a cycling and wine tasting tour and a boat and wine tasting tour, which have both been a roaring success! The cycling tour in particular has become the most in demand tour. Although I would never complain, it never ceases to amaze me how many people want to go cycling in the hot sun and follow it up with a refreshing wine tasting at two of the best family run wineries on Korcula Island. Actually, scrap that last comment, it doesn’t surprise me at all when I put it like that! Sounds amazing (and we can promise that every-time) .

Our good old walking and wine tasting tour in Lumbarda has evolved over the years to a point where we believe we offer a unique and rich experience. This year we continued to keep the feel to our tours fresh by alternating who ran them, to avoid too much over-indulgence of wine by either of us! We also had someone to help take care of our son for a couple of months this summer, which meant we could lead the larger tours together. It was a lot of fun for us both  to be able to to do this again.

Looking to next year, we would love to increase the number of people who take part in our combined boat trip and wine tasting tour. This is an unbelievable day out that all of our guests have absolutely loved. Not only is the morning out on the boat amongst the islets special, but the wine tasting at the Korta Katarina winery afterwards is superb. We appreciate it is our most expensive tour, but we can assure that every penny is well spent.

Back to me for the best food moments

We didn’t get to eat out much last year (with a small baby in tow), but we tried to make up for it this summer. There were many stand out highs.

  • Our top recommendation in Korcula Town is hands down Aterina with their delicious home-made dishes and incredible desserts. I love that they have a daily specials board. The aubergine rolls and mixed sharing platter, which are on the regular menu, are some of our go-to favs. The special fish dishes including the tuna and swordfish, were flawlessly excellent.
  • A firm favourite, Belin again did not disappoint this year. Located in a natural setting in the village of Zrnovo, the friendly Radonovic family serve out generous portions of food and laughter. And this is a great place for “family-style” meals where you all can all dig in. Some of our picks include the courgette fritters, octopus salad, zrnovski makaruni and a selection of grilled meats
  • If you’re coming to Korcula, you have to try peka – a speciality of the Dalmatian region. A peka is slow cooked meat or octopus, cooked over a fire. For us, the guys at Konoba Maha nail the peka dish. It’s so flavoursome and there’s always plenty to eat. The goat and octopus peka are incredible.
Where to eat Korcula - Belin Konoba
Frank cooking up a storm over the grill

And the chill-out moments

We aren’t going to deny that the awesome thing about living on a sunny Croatian island is, of course, enjoying all that awesomeness!

We managed to fit in a couple of mini breaks, it’s great to be have the opportunity to see more of Croatia. This year we headed to Sinj, which hosts a popular equestrian competition every year and to Saplunara on Mljet Island. Sinj is away from the sea and a fabulous location for walking, hiking and cycling. We stayed in a lovely AirBnB apartment there which we’d highly recommend. We didn’t love Saplunara but the nearby bays, especially Okuklje were incredible. So if you’re thinking of staying on this side of the island, check out this spot.

Unfortunately we didn’t visit anywhere new on Korcula Island this year (we must really get to Proizd still!). However the regular stomping grounds are still amazing as ever and definately recommended places to visit on Korcula Island.

  • I drove us to Bacva Bay, it was pretty scary drive but, oh so worth it. This place is mesmerizing.
  • We took a fun walk around Kocje, which Kortez really enjoyed (although pushing the buggy there wasn’t so much fun!).
  • Several relaxing days were spent on Stupe. This is a great place for us to take visitors; pile onto a water taxi (usually driven by our friend Zeljko) and kick back at the restaurant and islet beach.

Finally, to the smallest member of the team who loved the visits from friends & family

Okay, so if Kortez could speak more than the few words he knows and be able to write, we’re sure his summer highlight would be the visitors.  With all the extra attention and not to mention treats he received, this would be the best bit!

We were blessed with so many people coming to visit us on Korcula this year.  Our friends Amy & Phil got engaged here and Sam & Tristan who we met on one of our earliest wine tours, came back again. My Dad visited with his partner, my Mum came, my Grandma returned for a 2nd time and my lovely sister-in-law Isabel (affectionately known as Egg!) and family made their spectacular 4th visit! It’s pretty full on working tours combined with entertaining visitors, but it makes us so happy that our friends and family love Korcula as much as we do.

Places to visit on Korcula - Kocje
Exploring Kocje Nature Park


So summer may behind us, but with lots of Winter plans ahead, we’re certainly looking forward! Oh and you may have noticed, we’ve changed the blog. So stay with us as we continue to explore Korcula.

How was your summer? Where did you go on holiday?

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