What’s in a name? Croatian months of the year

Learn the meanings behind Croatian months of the year

Despite living on Korcula for over 5 years, shamefully I must admit my Croatian language is still pretty sketchy – I’m still struggling to remember the names of the months! However to be fair to myself, the names of the months in Croatia are not based upon the Latin names as many European languages are, but upon the old Slavic language. The names therefore are very different and interestingly each month describes the season or an activity that takes places at that time, mostly in relation to the land or nature.

January – Sijecanj (see-ye-chan)

Croatian months of the year: January/Sijecanj

Meaning: Month of wood cutting

February – Veljaca (ve-lya-cha)

Veljaca - Velja Noc
Photo Credit: Pagan Soul

Meaning: The changing month/lengthening of days or after the old pagan festival “Velja Noc” (Great Night)

March – Ozujak (aw-zhoo-yak)

Ozujak - Rainbow

Meaning: The month of unstable weather

April – Travanj (tra-van)

Croatian Months of the Year - April/Travanj

Meaning: The month of grass growing

May – Svibanj (svee-ban)

Croatian Months of the Year - May/Svibanj

Meaning: The month of budding trees

June – Lipanj (lee-pan)

Croatian Months of the Year - June/Lipanj

Meaning: The month of the linden tree (in Croatian lipa)

July – Srpanj (sr-pan)

Croatian Names of Months: July/Srpanj
Photo Credit: Old European Culture

Meaning: The month of harvesting

August – Kolovoz (kaw-law-vawz)

Croatian Names of Months: August/Kolovoz

Meaning: The month of driving the wagon for harvest

September – Rujan (roo-yan)

Croatian Names of Months: September/Rujan
Photo Credit: The Beneficial Bee

Meaning: The month of animal mating

October – Listopad (lee-staw-pad)

Croatian Names of the Months: October/Listopad

Meaning: The month of leaves falling

November – Studeni (stoo-de-nee)

Croatian Names of the Months: November/Studeni

Meaning: The month of cold

December  – Prosinac (praw-see-nats)

Croatian Names of the Months: December/Prosinac

Meaning: The month the sun’s shine returns (from the verb sinuti) or month of begging

My favourite month of the year is Rujan (September) – thankfully one of the easiest names to remember! What season do you most enjoy?


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