The 5 year update…2 become 3

Life changes more than anyone can prepare you for when you have your first child and in our case our lives have been dramatically transformed (just like most people) when we had our son Kortez.

When we moved to Korcula in 2010 we were newly married and had decided to start our lives over on a sunny island, working for ourselves doing something we could be passionate about. We chose Korcula, Croatia for its beauty, long warm summers and the wonderfully, hospitable people. Other big factors were its potential for us to create a successful business and that it seemed a great place to start a family. There is a good infrastructure for health and education and as the villages are relatively small there is a close community feel. Korcula is also a very safe place with next to no crime so parents don’t fret when their children are out of sight and can even leave home doors unlocked. It takes some getting used to, but we can’t emphasize just how good it is not to have to worry about the many things we used to whilst living in the UK.

This makes us happy! The beautiful views we get to enjoy daily.

So, after living in Korcula for over five and a half years we have not looked back, we love living here and we love what we do. One of the most enjoyable aspects of our new life has to be that we get to meet such a fantastic variety of people. From those who live here who have become our friends, travellers we get to meet on our tours to the occasional people who decide to look us up for a coffee because they have stumbled across us on-line somewhere –we always find it a pleasure to spend time with those we are fortunate to cross paths with.

On Christmas day a child was born, our son “Kortez” to be precise and the year was 2014 and his impact on our life has been huge.

Who are Korcula Explorer
Happy family!

Our main work load is seasonal (summer) and as we work for ourselves we were luckily able to raise our baby together during the early months of his life. Without a support network to give us a hand during the summer we felt a little stretched. We run very popular wine tours and had previously run the tours together, but seeing as we could obviously not take Kortez, one of us would have to stay home whilst the other would run the tour. By reducing the number of guests per tour, so as not to compromise the quality of the experience, worked out very well . By the end of the summer we were naturally more tired than ever before but had enjoyed another wonderful period in our new lives none the less.

Happy tour group!

We are looking forward to this summer. Kortez will be a toddler so we will have a few more options of how to spend our spare time as a family, e.g. we will be able to go to the beach and play in the sand and shallow water. We are contemplating child care support options to give us the chance to run tours together again and to go out for an evening meal on Korcula, for the first time since Kortez’s arrival, would be nice!

How did having your first child affect your lifestyle?


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4 thoughts on “The 5 year update…2 become 3

  1. Phyllis says:

    I love your blog! I have watched you since I saw you on HHI. So glad that your dream has worked out and ofcourse, your son is beautiful. Blessings on you n your sweet family. 😍

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