Recipe Repertoire Revolution

Following from my latest post “A Change of Life in Korcula”.

Moving to live on a relatively remote island of the southern Croatian coast has changed a very important aspect of our lives – food!

For me food is one of the most enjoyable things in life and since my early 20’s I have been cooking at home, always trying to improve my favourite staple dishes as well as trying out the new.

Living on Korcula provides a few key differences to how I used to cook in the UK:-

  1. Exotic ingredients are few and far between so putting together a Thai dish for example is near impossible, but I can scrape together simple Chinese or Indian efforts.
  2. Apart from a few tropical fruits, most fresh produce is sourced from the region, so if it is not seasonal you won’t see it on the shelves.
  3. There is very little in the way of processed food, so we don’t eat anything ready-made.

Putting these 3 differences together might make things seem a little limited, but the interesting thing is we are more creative in the kitchen now than ever before. And if  I can’t get hold of something I need, I make it (where possible).

So, some culinary examples include:

  • Various breads such as pizza bases, tortillas, chapattis and pitta breads and as I write I have just decided to try naans.
  • Various condiments such as salsa, sweet chilli sauce, chutneys,  guacamole, BBQ sauce, red wine balsamic reduction and recently pickled onions (yet to try, still pickling)

These as well as sauce based dishes build an interesting repertoire, which I will continue to expand!. The current abundance of lemons is inspiring lots of ideas including limoncello and I really want to make my own pasta, so watch this space.

We tend to shop on a daily basis, buying ingredients as we need them and survive without a freezer. This makes cooking sociable and enjoyable and the food is nearly always delectable!

Home made pittas with spicy chicken
Home made pittas with spicy chicken
John's cooking supplies! Check out the coke bottle of local olive oil
John’s cooking supplies (some smuggled in from the UK)! Check out the coke bottle of local olive oil
Johny burger
The “Awesome Johny burger” – really not good for the waistline, but tastes amazing.
Meat feast on the BBQ
Meat feast cooking up on the stone BBQ
Never ending supply of lemons and oranges
Never ending supply of lemons and oranges
Nothing beats fresh produce
Nothing beats fresh produce
Pizza ready to be be baked
Pizza ready to be be baked
Rachael's pea soup
Rachael’s pea soup
The 'foreign' food selection at the Split supermarket
The ‘foreign’ food selection at the Split supermarket.
This is an organic carrot!
This is what you call an organic carrot!
Tortillas we home-made salsa and gucamole
Tortillas with home-made salsa and guacamole
Vegetable stew and cheesy croutons
Vegetable & meat stew and cheesy croutons

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3 thoughts on “Recipe Repertoire Revolution

  1. great post! being Italian, I have been used all my “younger” life to use only seasonal ingredients, as they were the only ones available at the greengrocer (a bit like you have experienced in Croatia). In London now we find imported strawberries for Christmas! I think fruit and veg taste best when they are in their right season (June strawberries in uk are desish!). We also have lots of lemons in our garden in Croatia, so I am also going to experiment with limoncello this year I hope! keep us posted with your culinary adventures!

    • Thanks! Completely agree seasonal fruit & veg taste the best. Having a huge choice doesn’t always mean the best quality. Limoncello fun starts this weekend, along with some lemon & white chocolate truffles! And good advice about the olive oil – we had started keeping ours in glass more recently. Along with anything else I can keep in a glass jar – re-use if we can’t recycle!

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