Winter walking on Korcula

Life in Korcula during the winter is a real contrast to the liveliness of the summer. Most restaurants, shops and attractions are closed out of the “main holiday” season and local people disappear between the walls of their houses to hibernate. But it is during this period we get the time and opportunity to explore this beautiful island. Sunny days like today are not uncommon during winter and spring, providing the perfect conditions to walk or cycle.

John and I are not always the most skilled walkers on the island (as per a previous post) and have recently enlisted a friend to join us on our jaunts through the Korcula countryside. He mainly serves as the “deciding voter” for when I say “let’s go left” and John says “no, definately right” – I’m usually wrong! Yesterday we had a highly successful and fantastic walk, even the dead end was worth it. I even caught the sun, I just didn’t think about sun-tan lotion in February!

No matter how many times I walk here I am always over whelmed by just how utterly stunning Korcula is. I love the hills carpeted in luscious green firs, looking out to the ever ending blue of the Adriatic sea, I love the well kept olive trees and vineyards tenderly cared for in the most obscure places, I love the strange looking rocks poking out of the earth making me think I’ve time-warped back to the prehistoric dinosaur era and I love being able to eat my lunch with the sun warming my back, listening to the gentle crash of the waves. Whilst I also like not sharing this with other people, absoring the peace and quiet all around me, it also makes me sad that other people aren’t enjoying this pure unadulterated nature.

So if you are looking for something a little more rewarding than just relaxing on the beach, pack your walking shoes and compass and enjoy the lesser explored spots of Korcula. April, May, September and October are the most ideal months for walking and cycling on Korcula, less chance of rain and a warm temperature.

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2 thoughts on “Winter walking on Korcula

  1. ante says:

    hy, i have only lumbarda and amokvica bike and walking plans, if I get them more I’ll mail them to You. Kind regards, Ante.

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