Can you get lost on a small island?

Yes you can! Challenged by our friends at Seba Dizajn to get back to blogging, with an encouraging email of “31 ideas to blog about”, we thought we’d start at the top of the list (although promise we did read them all!)

So what’s this all about? We’ve blogged before about how much we like to walk and cycle around Korcula and we’ve always adventured with an air of confidence that on a small island surrounded by sea, we’d never get lost. Alas, as this blog topic “making a mistake” is all about, perhaps our navigation skills aren’t as fine-tuned as Korcula’s iconic son, Marco Polo (although perhaps his birth-place and navigation skills are up for discussion in another blog!).

On a fine November morning last year we’d set off from the small village of Pupnat with our, ahem, trusty map on course for Racisce. We wound up and around hills following century-old trails and absorbing the beautiful surroundings, when our path just stopped. John generally has a great sense of direction and thought we could just push on and pick up another route. We plod on and on and on and when we finally come to a clearing we realise with a great deal of shock horror we are no where we want to be. The worst thing to do is to panic, which is hard for someone like me who is a self-confessed worrier. Getting our bearings by checking the positioning of the land to the sea we managed to work our way down and through a valley and onto the main road. Having missed the afternoon bus we then drag our wet and sorry selves to the local bar for a few glasses of much needed wine! This actually turned out to be a surprisingly fun few hours, as we chatted and tried to sing along with some locals!

The map shows lots of routes but as we discovered, not all of them still exist!

So our words of advice to any walkers and cyclists, do enjoy the beautiful landscape of Korcula but travel with someone who knows the routes well, invest in a good map (and up to date) and keep to the main paths (there is actually a “marked” trail between Pupnat and Racisce)! We still enjoy exploring but have learnt from our mistakes that nature rules.

Where we re-emerged after getting lost somewhere!

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6 thoughts on “Can you get lost on a small island?

  1. Good advice for everyone….even our fire maps here in south australia are not all accurate….i sent a truck down a road that came to a dead end….on the map the road continued….this will remind me when I do some day trekking in the Grampians over summer to talk to the staff at the national park office before I head out to get the latest details from then which I’ll then mark on the map

    • Thanks Katrina, re-assuring to know even the professionals can get it wrong and good tip to always check your map with someone else before you set off…think we will check with the locals in future!

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