Wine Tasting & Cycling Tour on Korcula

Re-blogged: In case you didn’t see it, kimkim featured our wine tasting & cycling tour in one of their recent articles. Thanks kimkim! Little known fact, Korcula is known for it’s white wine. Grk wine is a white wine grape variety found in the village of Lumbarda. To take in the Korcula scenery and drink Read More


Villages of Korcula – Smokvica

 About Smokvica Inhabited since Greek and Roman times, the small village of Smokvica sits in the centre of Korcula Island. Houses are dotted up and down the hill-side and fertile vineyards lay at the base growing the delicious local white wine Posip. Olive trees also grow in an abundance in the area and during the Read More


A ride amongst the olive trees

We’ve been making the most of the Korcula sun and have spent our last few weekends exploring Lumbarda. Our outings have led us to discover some fanastic walking and cycling paths which weave their way around never ending olive groves and vineyards. The area is so peaceful, only the sound of the tyres crunching of the stone paths Read More


The joy of being on 2 wheels

After spending the winter being a bit too lazy, we finally got back on the saddle and went for an “ease yourself in slowly” 20 mile (or 25km) bike trip! The feeling of pedalling along the Korcula coast with a light breeze to keep you cool is exhilarating (easily compensating the slightly achy derrière the Read More


Get Active in Korčula

Even if you are not an adrenaline junkie, the beauty of the landscape and the numerous accessible trails will make you want to walk or cycle around the island. These are some of favourite routes:- Cycle from Korčula town to Račišće This is a relatively easy route as it doesn’t involve any serious uphill pedalling. Read More