Korcula Island from Above: Awesome Aerial Photos & Videos

Taking photos of Korcula at street level is always a delight with so many stunning views to snap. However capturing it from a bird’s eye view adds a whole extra level of beauty. Thankfully as drone cameras are becoming more and more popular, we can all enjoy the view of Korcula Island from Above. 21 Read More

Aerial view of the Korcula island, Croatia.

Guest Post: Unique Ways to Experience Korcula

Our friend Michelle from kimkim wrote this wonderful piece about Korcula Island, which we had to share with you. kimkim works with local experts in Croatia to help people plan their trip to this fantastic country. Be sure to stop by kimkim’s website for some great Croatia tips & advice. Unique Ways to Experience Korcula Korcula Read More


Places to Visit on Korcula Island – Racisce Village

About Racisce Racisce, actually written Račišće in Croatian, is a small village located on the north coast of Korcula Island. It is situated in a deep, well protected bay with houses dotted around and with fertile rolling hills as a back -drop. Racisce is one of the newest settlements on Korcula Island, established at the Read More


Korcula Weekend Highlights: Wild Asparagus & MP Triathlon

We awoke to beautiful clear skies yesterday. It was the perfect weather to enjoy a morning and afternoon in Korcula Town tasting wild asparagus and cheering on the competitors of the Marko Polo Triathlon. The event started with the local children taking part in relay running races. It’s lovely to watch the children getting involved. Read More

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Why we do what we do: Past, Present & Future

When we first moved to the sunny Dalmatian Island of Korcula to start our new life, we knew that we wanted to work in tourism. Despite us working in different industries before our move, our passion for the island and travelling in general prompted the big change. Tourism is also how the majority of people Read More

Korcula Travel Guides

Helpful Korcula Travel Guides & Planning Tips

When John and I back-packed around Europe 10 or so years ago, we lugged a chunky Lonely Planet guidebook and a hefty train timetable (we were interrailing) around with us the whole time! In today’s world of social media and blogging, the popularity of the guidebook may have dwindled a little. There’s some excellent on-line travel Read More


Villages of Korcula – Smokvica

 About Smokvica Inhabited since Greek and Roman times, the small village of Smokvica sits in the centre of Korcula Island. Houses are dotted up and down the hill-side and fertile vineyards lay at the base growing the delicious local white wine Posip. Olive trees also grow in an abundance in the area and during the Read More

Walking Route Korcula

Top Views of Korcula – Walking Route

The weather has been amazing the last few days on Korcula, so we’ve made the most of it by being outside as much as possible. One of the walks we took provides some awesome view-points – great for some snaps! If you find yourself on Korcula and fancy checking it out, we’ve outlined the route Read More

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What’s in a name? Croatian months of the year

Despite living on Korcula for over 5 years, shamefully I must admit my Croatian language is still pretty sketchy – I’m still struggling to remember the names of the months! However to be fair to myself, the names of the months in Croatia are not based upon the Latin names as many European languages are, Read More