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Helpful Korcula Travel Guides & Planning Tips

When John and I back-packed around Europe 10 or so years ago, we lugged a chunky Lonely Planet guidebook and a hefty train timetable (we were interrailing) around with us the whole time! In today’s world of social media and blogging, the popularity of the guidebook may have dwindled a little. There’s some excellent on-line travel Read More

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What’s in a name? Croatian months of the year

Despite living on Korcula for over 5 years, shamefully I must admit my Croatian language is still pretty sketchy – I’m still struggling to remember the names of the months! However to be fair to myself, the names of the months in Croatia are not based upon the Latin names as many European languages are, Read More


Enjoy the wine from the Peljesac Peninsula

Korcula and the nearby Peljesac Peninsula are renowned as some of Croatia’s best wine producing regions. Recently we were fortunate enough to find out a little bit more about why this is so. Our exploration started when we were treated to an afternoon guided tour around the famous wine region of Dingac on the Peljesac, Read More


The “re-emergence” of Croatia as a popular place to holiday

Did you know that before the Balkan war Croatia was one of the most visited countries in Europe. Now after fifteen or so years of getting back on its feet, Croatia is looking to take the number one spot. There has been much mention of Croatia in the European media at the moment; it’s almost Read More


Change for Croatia in the EU?

Financially, being part of the EU gives Croatia a little much needed support, not unlike many other countries in Europe. Croatia is struggling with debt, not only from the recent financial crisis but also from a war that ended less than 20 years ago. New era dawns over Croatia’s beautiful coastline With over 5000km of Read More