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Korcula Exlored - A blog about Korcula Island

We knew we had fallen in love with the island from that very first moment back in October 2005, when we sat perched on the Old Town walls peering down into the beautiful blue water below. Over the next 5 years, back in UK reality, we continually dreamt and imagined what a Croatian island life would be like. Friends & family were unsure whether we would ever actually make the move. Never the less supportive and enthusiastic for us.

Then, suddenly the game plan was formulated.

John was turning 30 in May 2010 and as the New Year rolled in, he thought enough was enough. We’d get married in July that year and move to Korcula the following month! And that is exactly what we did.

It’s been a rollercoaster of a ride since moving to Korcula, which just keeps getting more and more exciting! In the 6 years we have been here we’ve: set up a Croatian company, applied for temporary visas 5 times, applied for our permanent visa, moved apartments 3 times, appeared on House Hunters International, arranged accommodation for 100s of visitors to Korcula, taken 100s of people wine tasting, built a fantastic reputation as a Travel & Tour company, dressed up in fancy dress for many half new years and had a baby! We’ve done a lot more as well, but let’s leave something for us to blog about.

Who are Korcula Explored - John & Rachael from Korcula Explorer

We are truly passionate about the island and through our company, Korcula Explorer, we help travellers plan how to make the most of their time on Korcula. From arranging awesome holiday apartmentsand taking people wine tasting in the vineyards of Lumbarda, we absolutely love what we do. We are so happy we took the plunge and moved, no matter how scary and rather crazy it seemed at the time!

Our blog Korcula Explored is all about showing you around the beautiful island we now call home . We also blog about our lives here.

We hope you’ll enjoy the journey with us and we hope we inspire you to pay Korcula Island a visit.


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