9 Things to do on Korcula Part 3

Things to do on Korcula Island, Croatia

Things to do on Korcula Island, Croatia

Here’s the final part of our Things to do on Korcula series. You can find parts 1 and 2 here and here.

7. Hire a car

Korcula Island is 45 km end to end and 7km across, so a car will definitely open your horizons. You can get to places and beaches away from the crowds and spend as much time as you want exploring the island. Visit secluded beaches and bars, and enjoy local cuisine at restaurants you wouldn’t be able to reach via public transport.

Korcula Explorer Tip – If staying near to Korcula or Lumbarda for a week or more a car is not necessary for the full duration of your stay, maybe just rent for a few days. If you want to stay in a more remote area of the island a car is recommended, however the cost of car hire on the island is not inexpensive. There are several car rental agencies in Korcula Town.

Pupnatska Luka beach on Korcula Island, Croatia
Buckle up and take a car to one of the beautiful beaches off the beaten track, such as Pupnatska Luka shown here.

8. Enjoy the sun

There are numerous days of cloudless skies throughout the summer over Korcula, so whether you are sitting on the terrace of your apartment, wandering the cobbled streets of the old town, or lying beside the clear blue sea – you are likely to be basking in sunshine. Be sure to catch a sun-rise or a sun-set during your holiday, it’s such an amazing experience, just don’t forget the camera.

Korcula Explorer Tip – Enjoy the sun sensibly, don’t lie for hours in the midday  sun and always use a strong sun screen, factor 30 or more is safest. If out and about in the day time during the hottest summer months of July and August a hat is also advisable. This may seem obvious to some, but we see some people terribly burnt by not taking a few precautions.

Sunsets on Korcula Island, Croatia
Capture a colourful sunset or sunrise, possibly the best you will ever get to see.

9. Immerse yourself in local culture

Korcula has a rich and fascinating history. There is an interesting fact or story to be told at every turn, whether you are in the beautifully sculptured medieval old town, visiting the Lumbarda vineyards or wandering amongst the stone houses in Zrnovo or Blato. Visit any of the interesting museums or churches to learn something new, or maybe take a guided tour for more detailed information. Korcula is also rich in musical tradition so the opportunity to listen to a Klapa ensemble singing harmonised romantic songs should be taken up at the first opportunity.

Korcula Explorer Tip – Try and catch a performance of one of the island’s sword dances. The Moreska in Korcula, the Mostra in Zrnovo or the Kumpanija in Blato, Cara, Smokvica or Vela Luka.

Klapa groups & live music on Korcula Island, Croatia
Here is the wonderful all female Klapa Tiramol performing at the entrance to Korcula Old Town

We hope we’ve given you some fantastic ways you can enjoy your holiday on Korcula.

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If you have some suggestions of things to do on Korcula Island, we would love to hear them. Leave us a comment below with your ideas.

9 things to do on Korcula



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