Wildlife of Korcula

Butterfly – There are numerous species seen most of the year.

Since I was knee-high to a grasshopper I have always been fascinated by wildlife. Since moving from England to the Island of Korcula in Croatia’s southern Dalmatian region, I have encountered many wonderful animals and creatures I had previously only ever seen on Attenborough –like programmes! Although my new habitat is no Amazon Jungle or Serengeti, I still feel fortunate to come across new things that in their own way (all be it, some may be considered creepy crawlies) are amazing to behold.

Below I have put together a gallery of some of the wildlife I have managed to photograph. Missing from these images but on the “to-snap” list are: – one of the many pine martins I have seen around the island (known in Croatia as the Kuna), dolphins which we were lucky enough to spot on our crossing to Lastovo from Vela Luka, wild boar (if I am super lucky as have yet to spot any, just seen some tell-tell signs) and across on the mainland Peljesac peninsular, jackal – one of which I recently spotted on a drive from Dubrovnik to Korcula and mouflon, a type of mountain goat found across on the mainland Peljesac peninsular.

I feel the need to state that although some of these creatures may look a little mean, anyone holidaying on Korcula is highly unlikely to come across anything that could do then any harm e.g. a scorpion or a snake. Like most creatures in the animal kingdom they tend to stay as far away from human beings as possible. I have met a few people on the island that have come across anything of potential harm in their whole lives here. I on the other hand go looking for interesting things to see… hence my photos!! Enjoy.

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2 thoughts on “Wildlife of Korcula

  1. No boars, he he he ?
    Nor wolves, jackals, badgers ?
    Suppose many hunters huh 🙂
    Just kidding, thanks for visiting “svinisceandmore”, my youngest “creation”.
    If interested in having a night without tv or love life, better see my other blog, called svinisce.blogspot.com.
    With that fast (cheap) waterplane connection from Split to Korcula (starting April) I just might hop in to see what Korcula is all about.
    Poz. Pim.

    • Thanks for stopping by Pim. Haha, well they do make a great wild boar stew here! Ah yes we’re looking forward to that seaplane…please do stop by. Off to check out the original blog now 🙂

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