Planning your Croatian Island hop?

Incorporating a stay on Korcula during a mini tour of Southern Dalmatia is a popular idea amongst travellers. Discovering one of Croatia’s hottest regions is not always as easy as it sounds though, mainly due to transport links and difficulty obtaining the right information from the web.

So here are a few tips we pass onto friends & family who are visiting or guests who are planning their holidays to the Dalmatian coast.

Pick a few Croatian destinations

To start with, don’t spread yourself out too thin by trying to visit too many places. You’ll end up spending a lot of time travelling and packing/unpacking and less time doing the things you should be doing on your holiday – relaxing and having fun. The beauty of travelling is experiencing the culture of the area you are visiting, but if you’re too caught up with having to catch the next boat, you could miss this. Decide on a couple of base locations and incorporate a few day trips to other locations if you have the time to visit. One of the most common comments from previous guests is that they wished they have stayed longer on Korcula. Remember you can always come back another time & explore more!

Croatia Island hopping

Island hopping in Croatia is lots of fun, but the duration to travel between the islands and the timing of the transport options are not always that accommodating (or easy to understand!). If travelling from Split to Dubrovnik, taking in the islands in between, you can easily loose half a day travelling between any two destinations. So if you want to squeeze in 5 or 6 stops, this can add up to the best part of two days.  Also, between some destinations there may only be one transport link which might not fit your initial schedule. Sometimes the only link to a given destination means you arrive in the evening and the next link to your next stop goes early the following morning.

If you are island hopping in Croatia, you will for sure ride on board one of the Jadrolinja ferries that service much of the coastline.
If you are island hopping in Croatia, you will for sure ride on board one of the Jadrolinja ferries that service much of the coastline.

Minimum night policy at private accommodation

Another factor you may need to consider is that many private accommodation providers will only accept a minimum of 3 or 4 nights during the summer months or they charge high surcharges for 1 or 2 night stays. Travelling out of season the minimum nights may be wavered, however do consider the work and the environmental impact with each check-in/check-out, including all the cleaning and washing involved even for 1 night.

Fly into one airport and out of the other

It’s definitely worth considering flying into Split or Dubrovnik and then flying out of the other if you are hoping to island hop or explore a number of places on the Dalmatian coast. Many low cost airlines, such as EasyJet, fly in and out of both airports. This avoids tedious or unnecessary travelling back on yourself and many of the transport schedules favour this travel plan.

Demystifying the ferry timetables

We regularly receive emails from people confused by the ferry timetables and we can assure you that you’re not alone! We provide all transport routes to/from Korcula to many of the nearby destinations on our website. You can also find comprehensive ferry advice from the Croatia Ferry website or can pay to download the ferry guide by Jeanne Oliver on her Croatia Travellers website.

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2 thoughts on “Planning your Croatian Island hop?

  1. Linda houze says:

    Thanks, wish I had found this website before arriving in korcula, I am stuck here due to the catamaran not having enough space, and don’t like to use the hot bus trip. But there are worse places to be stuck!

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