What’s the weather like today?

“Everyone talks about the weather, but no one does anything about it.”
―    Mark Twain

There is a sterotypical view about the British that we are obssesed by the weather. I think we are proof that it’s very true. Every day we check the weather online (even when we look out the window and see the rain or the sun!) and at least once or twice during the day one of us will mention the weather again. We love the sunny weather and we really don’t miss the grey clouds in London. But the weather in Korcula can be pretty crazy at times.

Whenever it rains on Korcula people always say to us “you’re English, you’re used to it” (or that it’s our fault it’s raining!). However when it rains on Korcula, it pours and then pours some more and just when you think it’s safe to go out, it’s pouring again. Then the hail-stones start and they’re big, pinging off the windows and shutters – I’ve heard tales of cars being dented! Then there is the thunder and lightning. In the UK this would always signal a big storm and was pretty rare, but here it’s surprisingly regular and pretty dramatic. We’ve experienced amazing electric storms with flashes every few seconds and the other night it sounded like a huge explosion had gone off as the lightning must have struck close by.

I actually really enjoy listening to the rain, especially at night, but it is also great knowing that once the grey clouds have moved off the sun will return. The stats say that Korcula has over 2700 hours of sunny weather each year with average temperatures of just under 27 degrees C in summer. It also never gets that cold and snow falls rarely, perhaps on the highest points of the island (as well as on the Peljesac mountains opposite) – which is a bit of a shame as I also love snow!!

Today, it’s raining. But we checked the weather yesterday so we were prepared for it!

Here’s a few photos of Korcula when the sky isn’t so blue.






Snowy mountains on the Peljesac
Snowy mountains on the Peljesac
Hail-stones in the front terrace
Hail-stones in the front terrace

And just in case you forgot what the blue skies look like…


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