A change of life in Korcula

Our lives now since moving to the Island of Korcula on the Southern Dalmatian coast of Croatia are different in many ways. These changes have been mostly for the better and here is how some of those differences have impacted us:-

The Challenges

Life throws us challenges all of the time, but as this was our choice to move to Korcula our attitude has been to embrace the many new challenges. One of the biggest challenges has been to learn a new and very different language. This is very important for a few reasons: – integration, we want to make friends and avoid struggling when communicating with locals; business, we work closely with dozens of apartment owners as well other local service providers, some of whom speak little English; and respect, when you move to a foreign country it’s important to integrate yourself as much as possible in to the new society. Whilst it is tough to learn and we do get a bit lapse from time to time, we will always try to speak the native tongue. Unfortunately we resort to English when our lack of vocabulary gets in the way – but it’s only been 2 and half years, so we can only improve as time goes on!

It's like being back at school - selection of Croatian lanuage books!
It’s like being back at school – selection of our Croatian lanuage books!


We are no longer tied down to the strict working hours we had in the UK so we find a lot more time for exercise. We try to walk or cycle everywhere we go, which is a great way to explore the island and nature. Our diets have changed a lot too. There are no ready-made food options and no local take-aways, which are handy options when you’re in a rush but not so good for the waistline! The fruit and vegetable options at the markets or small stores are seasonal and often locally produced. We were spoilt for choice with the ingredients we could get in the UK so now we have to be a little more creative when we are cooking but also we are now eating more healthily. Unfortunately a lot of quaffable wine is also locally produced, which we care to indulge in, but hey, you need the odd vice now and then!


Probably the most valuable thing in life. As we are now running our own company and not working for someone else, we hold the key to how much time we can spend doing the things we enjoy. Although it’s hard work to establish and promote a new company, it also offers a degree of flexibility. So if we want to escape to the beach for an hour or so for a swim during the day or spend an afternoon with friends kayaking, we can. Thankfully modern technology also aids us when we are away from the office. Of course we must still address our business needs but we’ve managed to achieve a better work/life balance.

Of course moving abroad into the unknown is not for everyone and it’s really not always easy, but we are definitely much happier with our new lives on Korcula.

Have you moved abroad to start a new life in a different country or thinking about doing it, perhaps even to Croatia? We’d like to hear about your experiences, so feel free to leave any comments.

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8 thoughts on “A change of life in Korcula

  1. Great Blog 🙂 I too have moved to the island but only for 1/2 the year and am living in Lumbarda. My background is Croatian so it might have been a little easier as I have family and friends there already. However as the other half of me is South African, I never learned the language as a child. It is a difficult language but I too plod along. I love Korcula and making the move was the right thing to do. See you both soon (April 25th:)).

    • Thanks for commenting Lynda and really pleased you enjoyed the post. It has also been a pleasure meeting you. Perhaps next time we get together we can try a 5 minute Croatian conversation, maybe after a few glasses of Grk!

  2. Hi – great blog! We’re halfway through a move to northern Italy and already recognise so much of what you say…. eating more healthily, being in control of your own time and trying to learn the language. Sure, there are lots of challenges but I reckon it’s all worth it!

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