Sunday Stroll on Korcula

A quiet day in Korcula yesterday, perfect for a stroll around the town’s park. How did you spend your Sunday?

A lot of Korcula is covered in a dense forest of evergreen and coniferous plants however every now and then you spot the red and orange leaves of autumn.
These small red and orange balls can be seen appearing all over now. The strawberry tree is native to Mediterranean regions and is used in home-made jams.
Obviously not to be eaten. This lone mushroom was one of the largest we saw although not the most colourful.
This small tree is growing out of the large concrete area which used to collect rainwater before the days the island had a mains water connection.
Unfortunately this fort built during the brief period the English were governing the island, is in a little dis-repair.
This cat was spotted scrubbing up for the afternoon.

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2 thoughts on “Sunday Stroll on Korcula

  1. fatkat says:

    Nice photos 🙂 I didn’t know that the English used to govern Korcula. How are your language lessons going? can you hold down a conversation now in Croatian?

    • Thanks fatkat! It was just a very, very brief rule. Yes we can hold a few conversations in Croatian, although usually a bit of a delay between understanding and then responding! Lots of winter revision planned..

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