Precious gift of water – World Water Day

Today it is World Water Day, an international annual campaign to get us all to think about the importance of freshwater and its sustainability, with this year’s particular focus on water and food security. You find more about the event on their eye-catching website –

No matter where you are in the world it’s important to think about your own water consumption and take steps to avoid waste. I’m sure we’ve all run the tap whilst brushing our teeth when we could have simply turned it off until we needed some water. The conversation of water even come up in a Skype call with my mum recently, who like many British people, are facing threats again of “water droughts” and “hose-pipe bans” this summer and so she has decided she will actively recycle water she uses whenever possible.

Despite Korcula being surrounded by water, the Korculians are very familiar with water shortage. It was not until 13th June 1986 that there was a mains water connection and today water is brought via an aqueduct from the Neretva river. A fountain to commemorate the date can be found in the main Plokata square in Korcula. Many old houses still and even newly built houses have huge water cisterns to collect and store water; the fear of not having water continues to worry many. I once read that people from Korcula were so sure they would never have the water connected, that they said they would sing and dance naked if it actually happened -the source I read didn’t reveal whether people kept their clothes on or off! So remember during your holiday to Korcula to appreciate the struggle for water here and use it sparingly and not wastefully.

Memorial fountain in Plokata square in Korcula

Tourism Concern have posted helpful tips on how to save water on your holiday this year and you can also sign up to their WET pledge to protect the water rights of the area you are holidaying in.

Are you holding an event for World Water Day or have any water saving tips you’d like to share?

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