My special place on Korcula

Ok so Korcula has copious amounts of stunning beaches, an impressive medieval town with wonderful architecture and quaint scenic villages, but my favourite place to go is to the top of a hill.

This is I think is a very special hill. First you have to climb the very steep 101 steps to reach the top (reaching the top in itself is a sense of achievement); there perched on top of this small hill is a charming tiny church and from around the perimeter of the hill you get spectacular views of the Korcula archiepelago. There’s usually nobody up there, except on 8:30am on Sunday morning when locals attend mass. I love the serenity of the place: it helps me think or relax and I never tire of the views.

The church’s brief history, it was originally built in 1420 with a small hermit house attached (where the monks probably lived) in dedication to St Anthony of Padua. In the 17th century it was then rebuilt by Bishop Spanic, who also added the picturesque stone steps up, lining them either side with an avenue of cypress trees. At the top of the steps is a simple white arch, which bears the Spanic coat of arms.

It’s about a 25 minute walk from Korcula Town but really would recommend everyone visiting the island to make the effort to visit St Anthony’s Hills (Glavica Sventog Antuna). You can then treat yourself after to a slap up lunch at the Malta restaurant located just around the corner (from the bottom of the stairs).

101 very steep steps up to the top..worth the effort though!

White arch at the top of the steps bearing the coat of arms of the Spanic family

Sveti Antun Church and Hermit House in Korcula

Beautiful panoramic views of the Korcula archipelago

Views at the top of the hill across the Peljesac channel, where the mountains are snowy

So this is my special place (this post is written by Rachael, one half of Korcula Explorer…will get John, the other half, to let us know his!) Share your special places to go, to help you think or to relax.

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