Making the most of Pinterest for travel

There is much hype at the moment about the latest social media “pinterest” which allows you to “pin” interesting things from the web onto self-created themed boards. At the same time articles have appeared in the media predicting the death of the travel brouchure and the decreasing popularity of guidebooks, as people now turn on their computers to book holidays or their iPhones to download a city tour app. I enjoyed flicking through the pages of a glossy travel brochure and circling “potential options” but for years the first point of call for any travel planning has been online.

This is why I think Pinterest is a great resource for travellers and here are some ways to make the most of it.

1) If travelling with friends or family, why not create a board where you can all share your holiday ideas in one place. For example, pin potential accommodation options, excursions to go on and the best transport routes. Pinterest allows you to create boards where either you alone or also with contributors can pin to.

Get ideas from our “Korcula Activities” Board or “Sights in Korcula” Board

2) Going on holiday is supposed to be relaxing so make sure you get organised beforehand. Create a board where you can pin all your travel plans in one place or how about searching for a packing checklist on Pinterest. Download it, fill it in and then use the upload option to pin it to your board – so you know you won’t lose it!

We have some useful info on our “Travel & Holiday Planning” Board

3) Shopping for a holiday is so much fun. You can search for travel gadgets, the latest summer fashion, holiday beauty potions and lotions or follow your favourite brands to stay up to date with their latest product releases.

4) Sometimes day-dreaming about travel is all we can afford or have time for, so how about creating a travel wish list. Pin images of your favourite locations from travel websites or search for locations on Pinterest and re-pin other people’s ideas.

Gather inspiration from our “Travel Quotes” Boards

5) So back to work and the amazing two week holiday seems like a life-time ago. Don’t lose the memories, get pinning! Upload your photos, pin to attractions, restaurants or beaches you visited and share with your travel companions. Your pins will then be useful to other people travelling to the same locations.

We’ve been reminiscing on our “Places we’ve visited in Croatia” Board

6) Pinterest also has a more serious or educational role in travel. Use it to learn more about different cultures, voluntary work in other countries or green travel for example. We all enjoy travelling and going holiday but it is also important to be a responsible traveller.

For ideas on green travel, take a look at the “MNN Ecotourism & Green Travel” Board

There is a wealth of information out there on Pinterest and lots of things just for fun, which after all travel is all about. If you aren’t already on Pinterest, join up and follow us for lots of great information about Korcula and a few random topics too!

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