Make a difference during your holiday to Korcula

Korcula is truly blessed with beautiful beaches as well as countless secluded places to bathe and swim. We have lived here for nearly a year and a half and have only discovered a fraction of them. This was emphasised the other day when we decided to take a walk along a stretch of coast line from Soline, near Korcula town, to Lumbarda. During this walk we came across a stunning spot, where we will be frequenting this summer to swim, snorkel and enjoy the sun.

However, there was one thing that bothered us whilst walking along the rocks in the winter sun – the amount of rubbish that gets washed up throughout the winter period or left by the lazier of last year’s tourists. It is saddening to see somewhere so beautiful spoiled by something so avoidable. Although most of the more popular beaches get cleaned before the season, some wonderful places seem to be neglected, maybe through lack of man power or council funds?

Keeping the beaches clean for everyone to enjoy this beautiful island

So, here are our thoughts about what we can do about it.

During the month of June the weather is typically glorious, the sea is warm enough to swim in and the island is relatively quiet compared to July and August. It is a great time to holiday here and an ideal time for those who want to give a little to the place they are visiting.

How about a rewarding day out, along these lines?  In the morning be driven to one of Korcula’s gorgeous beaches, which needs a little “tlc”. Spend an hour or so collecting any rubbish (mainly plastic bottles and odd flip-flops!), depositing it at the nearest refuse point. Now, on the spotless beach, we all enjoy it as it should be enjoyed, by sunbathing and swimming, our energy replenished with a tasty picnic. To round off the day, an evening get-together, perhaps a BBQ or out for a meal and a few drinks.

We think this is a great idea for a holiday (a different beach every day) or even just day trips for those who want to get involved. It would be a rewarding way to meet people and make a little difference to an already spectacular location.

What do you think of this idea? Have you taken part in something like this before?

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2 thoughts on “Make a difference during your holiday to Korcula

  1. Thanks for the lovely comment! I’ve always wanted to visit Croatia! It’s on my list of place to go for sure! I hope you enjoy the photo challenge too!

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