The simple things in life

One of the reasons we moved to Korcula was that we wanted to have the time to enjoy life, away from the routine 6am alarm calls and tedious commutes between work and home. The pace of life here easily allows for this lifestyle but recently I’ve beginning to feel it’s so easy to take this all for granted.

Yesterday our landlords took us to some land they have, which has been passed down through generations, located up high on a hill-side overlooking the Peljesac channel (the strip of water between Korcula and the mainland). It was great to be outdoors, as after several months we had a rainy day yesterday, keeping us trapped inside. Mostly it’s overgrown, with a few olive trees sprouting up from the earth in areas which have been cleared. Nikica passionately tells us they will clean the area, putting down paths, grow new plants and vegetables and re-build the small stone house which they currently use as a store-room for wood. Then they will peacefully live there for a few months a year, inviting friends and family for grills and letting their two grandchildren run wild. There’s a lot of work to be done, but this is rewarding work; grafting in the fresh air, surrounded by unhampered nature. It’s moments like these that make me appreciate everything again. We will help them clear the area this Autumn, well John will be gardening and I’ve been relegated to coffee and food preparation! They know me to well; I’ve already managed to kill most of the vegetables they planted for us. I’m not green-fingered, my skills lie elsewhere (I hope)!

Annoyingly I didn’t take my  camera with me yesterday, so no photos to show of where we were, however here’s a few shots of the huge barrel sitting on our terrace. It’s not full of plants I’ve killed, but lots of grapes starting the fermentation process into wine!

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