From classical music to donkey races, Korcula has a fun-packed summer program to entertain all

From the civilised to the wild, we have been enjoying the summer events here on the Island of Korcula. Over the next couple of months, the various towns and villages on Korcula host a number of events entertaining locals and visitors to the island. Here are some of our experiences and picks for this summer. A full program of what’s happening can be found on our website – Summer Events on Korcula.

Acoustics in St Mark’s Cathedral

St Mark’s Cathedral in Korcula old town is the perfect venue for an evening of classical music. We recently enjoyed the sounds of the soprano Marija Lesaja and Frano Fabris on piano. On most Tuesday’s throughout the summer you can listen to beautiful voices and instruments in St Mark’s Cathedral. The musical delights do not stop with classical however, folk singers and the Croatian a cappella klapa groups can be heard throughout Korcula, around the old town, All Saint’s Square in Blato, St Joseph’s square in Vela Luka and in Lumbarda, to name a few places.

Lively summer program in Lumbarda

On Monday night the main street in Lumbarda was lined with eager spectators awaiting the start of the esteemed donkey race, the winning prize a large prsut ham. I had contacted the local tourist agency earlier in the day to find out the schedule and was a little surprised to then hear my name announced over the tannoy asking me and my team to go to the start line; looks like we were in the donkey race! We didn’t win the ham unfortunately, but a hilarious time was had by all as we mounted our donkeys and then clung on for dear life for 100 metres to the finish line! Lumbarda puts on a great choice of events from the donkey racing, fishermen’s nights, live music to sporting events on the beach. If you staying on the island, look out for the posters around Lumbarda and Korcula announcing the forth-coming week’s events.

Donkey race gets underway in Lumbarda

Sword-fights, battles and victory

No matter where you are staying on Korcula, be sure to watch a performance of one of the sword dances performed on the island; Moreska in Korcula Town, Kumpanija mainly in Vela Luka and Blato and Mostra in Zrnovo. The Moreska is performed every Thursday (and sometimes Tuesday) at the summer cinema in Korcula old town; the Kumpanija is performed every Tuesday at St Joseph’s square in Vela Luka and also frequently in Blato and the Mostra is performed in Zrnovo on special occasions and festival days. A particularly good time to watch the Kumpanija in Blato is on 9th August when the Gica Battle is reconstructed, retelling the story of Blato’s heroic victory against the Turks in the 16th century.

The fast paced sword dance Moreska in the summer cinema, Korcula old town

For a more detailed schedule of summer events, you can get all the details from our website. In addition to scheduled events, a number of ad-hoc events will also take place from film screenings under moonlight in the summer cinema and live music in bars.

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