The sun has got his hat on…

It feels like it has been a long winter, but that’s probably because one of the reasons we moved to Korcula from the UK was for the sun, so have spent many months waiting for it to come out and stay out. Happy to say the winter clothes are getting packed away, summer is definately on it’s way. The town is beginning to buzz with life, the sun worshippers are appearing on the beaches and ok a little cold still but it’s time for swimming. Have made it my motto to swim daily and spend an hour in the sun, so I get used to the heat slowly – I don’t want to spend the whole summer looking like a lobster. Summer also means all of the restaurants (locally known as konobas) and bars are opening and although not so good for the waistline we are embarking on taste-testing as many house specialities as possible, all of which we will review and post on the website. As much as I would like to try every place, this will unfortunately be beyond us, so if you have visited a restaurant or bar on Korcula that you would like to recommend, be sure you post a message on our forum.

A friend has been staying with us for a few days, which has been great; it can be easy to feel a little homesick from time to time even when surrounded by such beauty. We  also enjoyed being holidaymakers again for a couple of days, provided some fuel for some good material for blogs and articles, so keep posted over the next few weeks. Be sure to leave a comment if there is anything you would like to know about living or holidaying in Korcula.

For now I will leave you to reflect about what foods you would miss most if you moved to a foreign country. With the scandal over Marmite in Denmark (I’m a lover) it’s made me think about the food I miss from the UK: good old British tea, chocolate hobnobs, galaxy minstrels, chicken korma, fish and chips, cheddar cheese…it’s never the healthy stuff you miss!
What would I missmore marmite or the clear blue sea?What would I miss more marmite or the clear blue sea?

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One thought on “The sun has got his hat on…

  1. Given how long a jar of Marmite lasts you could replenish every time you went back to England for a visit! Therefore never truly missing it 🙂 One thing off the “missing” list… now what can we do about Chicken Korma???

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