A budget holiday to Korčula

Can holidaymakers spend a week on Croatia’s greenest and most beautiful island without it costing a fortune? Of course they can! Mother Nature provides for all travellers to Korčula at no cost. You don’t have to pay for the stunning views or to swim in the clearest of seas and these are two essentials any holidaymaker dreams of.

Let’s look at few practical ways to help stretch your budget.

Several low cost airlines operate flights to nearby Dubrovnik and Split airports (flying daily during the summer season). For example a return flight from London to Split in September is less than £100 with Easy Jet – not a bad deal for no more than a 2 and half hour flight. Of course to get the best rates be sure to book early and keep an eye on airline sales, as you can pick up a bargain flight.

Next up, accommodation.The first recommendation is to book a private apartment or room rather than check into a hotel. In July and August you can find a clean and comfortable 1 bedroom studio apartment with private bathroom and kitchenette in a central location for as little as €50 per night. Out of season you could be paying up to €20 less per night. Sacrifice the sea view or be happy to walk 10 minutes into the nearest village or town and you will save yourself more money.

Following accommodation, your next big expenditure is food and drink. You can easily make savings as eating out here is great value – if you are smart you can stretch the budget and eat delicious food. At the top end you can expect to spend approximately €80 for an evening meal for 2 including starters, fresh fish, desserts and a nice bottle of wine. This may be ok once in your week’s holiday, but you can eat equally well for less. How? Don’t pick a restaurant on the main tourist drag as they can charge top dollar just because of their location, the restaurants a little further walk out of the centre are often more reasonable.  Cheap eats include tasty pizzas and pastas for about €5 and one pot traditional dishes such as brodet or pašticada.  You will want to sample the fish, as here it is of the finest quality anywhere in the Mediterranean, but be cautious as first class fish (e.g. sea bass/bream) is expensive; try 2nd or 3rd class “blue” fish instead as they are often great in flavour and  more reasonable cost. If you are choosing fish, ask to see it before it is cooked to ensure it is as fresh as you have been told. The eyes should be black, shiny and bulging, not depressed and greying or whitening. The rest of the fish must be shiny. To accompany your meal order a carafe of the table wine (house red or white). This wine will be locally made, refreshing and a fraction of the price of branded bottles. The price for your meal for 2 should now be no more than €30.

Remember you do not have to eat out, why not enjoy a homemade pasta dish and fresh salad washed down with some delicious and inexpensive homemade wine, from the comfort of your terrace. Many of the private apartments we offer have an outdoor grill for you to use and you can’t beat the taste of BBQ food.

That’s enough on food, what about your days out in Korcula’s glorious sunshine? There are some remarkable bays and secluded coves to swim where you can relax and while away the day. If you are happy to use a little energy, there are some great walks on the island which will lead you to some extraordinary views and remote places. But I believe the best and most reasonable ways to explore the island is to hire a bicycle (you don’t have to make it a crazy work out and will never be far from the sea to cool down), or take to the crystal clear waters by kayak. Like I mentioned at the beginning, it does not cost anything to spend your time in the sun surrounded by natural beauty.

 Take a donkey ride to the peaceful and secluded bay of Pavja Luka

Other useful budget advice about transport and excursions. Car hire can be expensive so don’t be afraid to take the public bus. Alternatively if you are travelling in groups of 4 or more, taxis would be a cheap option and can take you directly to where you want to go. Korcula Explorer has discounted taxi prices for anyone who books with us. Excursions can be great fun and a good way to explore other parts of the island but are not always cheap, so we have discounted prices for those we consider to be a good value experience.

These are just a few pointers for anyone interested in a stay on the Island of Korcula. We offer several discounts to people who book accommodation through us and can provide lots of advice for free!

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